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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Review: Allah Made Me Funny

The Muslim Comedy Tour made a stop at MCA (mirth challenged association, even Azhar implied the same!) Four words in our review: Off Da Richter Scale! I went up to my man, Preach, and asked him whether they warned him that we are on a major earthquake faultline. I told him that he rocked the house. Azeem was infectiously hilarious, Preacher Moss hammered us and Azhar put us in an ethnic twister. There was a large crowd which of course increased the levels of noise. The Salafi influence was easily felt by all. The sound gave out about halfway through the show. Other than that it was a great show. Can't wait to see these guys hit it big! For more info: www.AllahMadeMeFunny.com

On a side note, it was our homecoming visit to MCA. Not surprisingly, the warmest hugs and well-wishers were Sabahi the Janitor, Mohammad the Janitor, Ahmed & Hisham from Yaseen's Corner and the MCA Youth. Truly awesome. Our dear brother, Mr. K was always on point (Ahmed, you da man!).

Highlight of the night: Preacher Moss grabbed me in the hallway, hugged me and told me how upset he was about the whole MCA fiasco. I was the first person he asked about on his return to the Bay Area. He was stunned and even went back to 'the joint' to see if it was true. He said he could not even go in (the bookstore). He gave me words of encouragement and offered his support. Like he says, he is short and crazy but the best part of Preach is that he is extremely sweet. Then Azhar gave me a HUGE hug. If you know Azhar, you know what I mean. He is so cool. I didn't get a chance to talk to Azeem but I saw Preach joking with him and he has the biggest smile.

As for the Executive Committee members....All praises to Allah. :)


Blogger Saifulloh said...

Great show! It feels good to relax after a long day.

Inshaallah, there will be many more SuMikael sightings at the MCA.

7:43 PM

Blogger Su and Mikael said...

More sightings...yes, insha'Allah. We miss being there. Too bad we got kicked out. ;) But it's all good in the hood. Thx for your support!

11:55 PM

Blogger duchanga said...

i got to say.. your review was really nice... and i saved it on my computer...

Jazakullah u Khairaan for those kind comments. I am glad that you really liked the program alhamdulililah.

I am going to drop you a line soon with some pictures from the program.

Thanks for all the love and supports bro..
ahmedk - www.allahmademefunny.com

6:41 AM


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